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Former Bands


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On this page we'll inclued some photos of our former band and their members.


This is our last band that we've formed together. We named our band "SCAMBAGS". Well, I know what you're thinking. Well, we came to think of this name when we put all our intials names together. Like, S=for Salmer (male vocalist), C=for Cohney (The greatest drummer and Ghio's father), A=for Alvin (male vocalist), M-for Marvin (Lead Guitar player), B= of course for Bette (female vocalist), A=for Abby (Female Vocalist), G=for Ghio (Keyboard Player) and S=for Sheldon (bass guitar player). That's it. That's where we got our name.

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Fine Bricks

Fine bricks was founded in 1986-1998. We formed it after we left "First Option". This is like a family band, mostly all the members of this band are Ghio's relatives.

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First Option

Ghio joined First Option in 1993, and Bette in 1995. Performing in Australia and the Middle East.