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Jethro Zamuel F. Ontal

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At the Hospital

The big moment arrives...

It was midnight when I noticed I had some spotting. We (George and memeng) were at Tim Hortons when it started..Phoned the triage and was told that If it didn't stop or becomes heavy, I have to call them right away.  Went home, just waiting..and then spotting stopped..went back again a few hours...and then stopped...I decided to call my doctor around 9am..It's a good thing she was on call on that day, so she told me to head to triage..Arrive around 10am..was put under observation and checked by my dr, found out I broke my water..they admitted me and induced me around 3pm, had an epidural at 5pm..My baby was in distressed so by 10pm, was asked to push..don't have any urged to push since I can't feel anything from waist down,,but we still tried several times..dr was called in, and then a specialist Dr Tam was called in.  He told me that we need to get Jethro out as soon as possible..he did a forcep delivery..Jethro was out at 11:02pm on Nov 29, 2007..Dad was there beside me and memeng was also in the room, and a lot of nurses was also in the room.. I burst into tears after hearing my baby's first cry.,.. Dad held Jethro right away after the delivery...


Here's a picture of our baby when he was just a few hours old!

Birth Details

I'll fill in this area with information about the birth and our stay in the hospital.

Delivered by: Dr Tam and Dr Ng
Nurses: Theresa Cordero and Christine
Others Present: George and Memeng
First Visitors: Ate Susan, kuya Max, ate Linda and Odette

Here we might include a link to the hospital's web site.

Jethro Zamuel F. Ontal